PS Steam Bath Generator

TOLO-PS, our inaugural steam generator, showcases a blend of simplicity and practicality. Constructed with a sturdy stainless steel frame, it offers automatic water intake and safeguards against low water levels. With its stable performance and soothing steam output, it effortlessly fulfills the fundamental needs of a rejuvenating steam shower.

Main Materials: 
HousingPainted iron
Water tankSS#201
Heating elementSS#304with UL certified



  • Automatic Water Filling: With seamless precision, the water inlet valve springs to life upon system activation, orchestrating a flawless cascade of water until it gracefully reaches the summit of its maximum capacity. Should the water level persistently languishes below the prescribed minimum threshold for a duration of 10 minutes, an undeniable indication of a water supply system aberration, a swift response ensues. Instantaneously, all heating elements cease their diligent efforts, while the LCD display dutifully illuminates the distinguished error code “-E,” casting a discerning light on the issue at hand.
  • Dynamic Sectional Heating: Employing a symphony of intelligent algorithms, the steam generator deftly scrutinizes the ambient room temperature, harmonizes it with the prescribed temperature setting, and deftly orchestrates a ballet of heating elements, precisely calibrated to achieve an exquisite equilibrium. This intricate interplay of engineering finesse ensures an unrivaled balance between energy efficiency and the creation of an idyllic, cocooning environment, where comfort and indulgence converge in perfect harmony.


    • Automated Water Supplementation: In the event that the water level during operation descends below the desired threshold, the ingenious auto water supplementation feature promptly springs into action, commanding the opening of the inlet valve. With remarkable efficiency, it diligently replenishes the water level until it reaches the desired state, impeccably gauging the optimal balance. However, should the water level persists below the desired threshold even after three minutes of water supplementation, it serves as an indication of potential malfunctions within the water supply system. In response, a cascade of protective measures is activated, causing all heating elements to cease operation, while the LCD screen boldly displays the disconcerting “-E” error message.
    • Automated Drainage System: Upon the culmination of the predetermined time interval or upon pressing the ON/OFF button, the system seamlessly initiates its sophisticated automated drainage mechanism, aptly denoted by the conspicuous appearance of the symbol ‘dd’ on the LCD interface. The meticulously designed drainage valve promptly opens, facilitating the swift and efficient expulsion of any excess water from the system. Following this, an intricate sequence unfolds as the system meticulously engages the inlet valve, allowing for the introduction of a revitalizing stream of water. This meticulously orchestrated process serves to meticulously cleanse and cool down the inner tank and heating elements, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. The entire procedure carried out with meticulous precision, is completed within a matter of minutes, culminating in the system’s automatic shutdown, signifying the successful completion of the drainage operation.